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A lot of shit has happened

A lot of shit has happened since a last blogged.

I don’t want to go to much into detail because I don’t want to name and shame, or cause anyone else any grief, but I had to get my feelings out.

I’ve lost a bit of motivation for training, and entirely for nutrition down to two things.

  1. coronavirus
  2. My old coach being a wanker

Why Coronavirus? All the comps I was looking foward to are postponed or cancelled. And yeah I feel bad for feeling mad and unmotivated because there are bigger things than me. But actually I’m only human. I was planning a 4 month trip. I’ve been planning and being excited about every aspect of Europe. And now that’s gone.

On a positive, I’m hoping to maybe travel within NZ. Maybe go to Queenstown or Northland – places I really haven’t explored. And I have the time up my sleeve!

My old coach being a wanker? Idk. This upset me more than anything. It’s m own fault for letting it get to me. But 3 years of spending 3-5 days a week, every week, in the same gym, with the same people, with the same coach. and it’s all gone now. It’s hard to adjust to a new gym. It’s hard to adjust to not having a coach (I have one but I’m finishing out this last block of prev coach while new coach is a bit snowed under).

One a positive: I’ve gone with a coach who is totally different to what I’m used to. I’m hoping it’ll be refreshing and I’ll learn new things and do new exersizes. Already he’s mentioned one thing for my bench tech, and it’s helped a bit!

So I’m still frustrated. I’m still angry. I’m upset I have to be in NZ again over winter (I get seriously down and out over winter here, it makes me misrible and hate life and hate waking up and hate the drery days etc). I’m sad that my gym and coach has ended.

But silver lining. I get to explore some of my own country. I get a new coach who’ll bring fresh new ideas to my coaching.

Now to fix that nutrition.. cuz I went off the deep end. Cuz I;m only human….. Eek. I need to eat some vegetables!

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