Get down with the sickness

I’d like to preface this by saying this post is TMI and has some information about my bodily functions. If you know me in person and don’t want to know this stuff, then don’t read.

I’m not someone you look at and think “health”. I’m overweight, you’ll most likely see me in public eating food and I love (sugar free) energy drinks.

However, whenever I go to the doctors, I’ve never had the diabetes talk, or the heart condition talk, the only tests that ever raised questions was the hormone ones, which pointed to PCOS (which a doctor has recently said are fine but that’s another story because I haven’t followed up with my actual doctor).

To be completely honest with the people reading this: I also haven’t had a period in 2+ years… until a few months ago.

Back in July, when I got back from Worlds (another post for another time?) I started with a nutritionist. A lot of people assume it was because I wanted to go down a weight class; no no. The next weight class down was under 84kg, I was around 128kg, no way I could do that.

The reason I signed up is because I wanted to get healthy, I wanted to be able to go on walks whenever I wanted without feeling puffed, I wanted to stop feeling like trash and being tired all the time, I wanted to preform better in the gym.

So skip a few months, maybe 8kg down, and surprise surprise, I get my first period in years. It’s come and gone since then, defo not a normal monthly cycle, sometimes i get it twice. Anyway, this blog isn’t actually about that. But I just wanted to say, one for sure sign I was getting healthier, was that I got my period for the first time in years.

Cool cool cool. Moving on.

We go to Australia. Jared gets travel sickness (is that what it’s called? When you get sick from the airplane?). I get it a week later, except I have this damn sickness for like, a month. I am not exaggerating. It wouldn’t go away, I couldn’t sleep, I could barely function at work, my throat was so sore I couldn’t eat. Antibiotics didn’t kick it (which therefore means it was…Viral? Yes viral, I had to Google it). I suffered hard. i didn’t train for two weeks straight, but I still ate in a deficit. I really probably shouldn’t have. Then again reading a quick Quora post, which I have not fact checked, said if you have more than 20% body fat, your body can pull resources from your fat. I probably have 20%+ body fat.

Anyway, the sickness eventually goes away. It leaves me weaker. 1.5 months pass, if that, and I now have a cold again. I am on day two of this cold. It started as a head cold, but I think it’s moved to my chest. It’s also the first week back at work.

I’ve taken one day off so far (today). I slept for most of it. And instead of prepping food that I should have, I just have soup and bread. Because that’s what I want when I’m sick.

So what have we learnt today? Nothing really. I didn’t delve too deep into that Quora post so I don’t know if I’m sick again because I’m eating in a deficit, or maybe my body is just going to be prone to illness for the 2019/2020 year. The whole point of this post was to say in some ways I’m healthier (IE: I now cycle again, as much as a pain (haha) that is) but also I’m sicker because I’ve been sick twice in like 3 months compared to hardly ever.

I’d have a bath but we won’t have enough hot water πŸ™

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